Why Solar photovoltaic energy

Six Reasons a Solar PV System makes so much Sense

Save Real Money

Save Real Money

With our high-efficient solar energy systems you save money every month with reduced electricity costs. In conclusion we have a promise: We find the best system for your needs.
High and Fast Return on Investment

High and Fast Return on Investment

Whether you are a business or private investor, we find the best suitable products and components that gives you the best return on investment with our competitive offers.
High Efficiency and Long-Lasting Products

High Efficiency and Long-Lasting Products

We work with the best and most efficient products in the market. Our premium suppliers in addition, offer the best efficiency and longest guarantees in the world.
 Reliable Planning and Installation

Reliable Planning and Installation

Every project is designed by our German engineers. Our trained engineers in Albania all have degrees from German Universities.
Energy Autonomy

Energy Autonomy

We offer off-grid energy solutions for complete energy autonomy. For instance, just free yourself from trouble with our best energy storage solutions.
Clean, Sustainable and Unlimited Energy

Clean, Sustainable and Unlimited Energy

Jump on the global trend and install solar energy. Invest in unlimited, clean and sustainable energy source that is good for our environment , above all for the future of your children and grandchildren.

What we do

Solar photovoltaic systems for different groups of clients!

Are you looking to reduce your electricity bill?
You are thinking about electricity autonomy?
E-Mobility sounds interesting to you?






How we do

How we help you with solar photovoltaic project

Energy Audit & Analysis

During the first phase, we come to your premises and conduct an energy audit. After that we will analyse the technical conditions and requirements for the location of the PV system. As a conclusion You will receive a first consultation and we start analysing your data.

System Design & Financial Analysis

During the second phase, we take your technical and energy data and design the solar PV system we believe suits you best. In addition we will always provide you with a choice of different design options in combination with a complete financial analysis.

Implementation & Monitoring

In the third phase and the last one our engineers install the solar PV system at your premises. After installation as a conclusion, we help you monitor the performance of your system for instance we offer you a complete after-sales service including regular check-ups.

D.E.T solar deliveries

We deliver Business to Business

Are you an electrical company able to install solar PV systems?

Our solution: D.E.T solar deliveries.  Be able to offer your clients a solar PV system designed by D.E.T.  We design with you, deliver the products and you install.                                                      Make your own business with DET solar deliveries!

Are you a business with your own workforce seeking solar energy?

Then find out more about our solution: D.E.T solar deliveries!  Save even more costs by installing our system with your workers and our guidance.  We design your system, deliver the components and supervise your workforce for the installation.      With D.E.T solar deliveries you save even more real money!

EV Chargers

The combination features make Pulsar Plus the ideal choice for your home. Pulsar Plus comes with an integrated cable and is suitable for every electric car with type 1 or type 2 charging plug. Choose between 7.4 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW. Learn more by clicking on the button below

Who we are

Our Story
DET was founded with the purpose to bring solar energy to Albania. We strive to combine excellent Mediterranean solar energy conditions with a German quality approach.


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22 (MW)

Total installed solar energy capacity 2020 in Albania

848404 (MW)

Global installed solar energy capacity 2020

1448000 (MW)

Projected global total installed solar energy capacity by 2024

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